Solavei Visa PayCard

How to get a Solavei PayCard

A Solavei PayCard will be mailed automatically with every Social Member enrollment. You will receive your Solavei PayCard within 5-7 days. The Money Network will validate the name, address, and social security number you provide during enrollment. (No credit or background checks.) The Money Network Cardholder Support may reach out directly to you for additional validation information.

About the Money Network

The Money Network manages the Solavei PayCard program through our relationship with Bank of America Merchant Services. Money Network is the leading provider of Payroll/1099 prepaid programs trusted by Solavei and Fortune 100 corporations such as Wal-Mart. The Solavei PayCard is issued by Meta Bank and the program is managed by First Data, a global technology and payments processing leader. Cardholders enjoy the protections, rights and privileges afforded by Federal, State, and VISA regulations for prepaid debit card products.

How it works

  • A Solavei PayCard (VISA Debit) from the Money Network will be established for every Social Member at enrollment. Final approval for the use of the card depends on Money Network’s identity validation requirements.
  • All compensation from Solavei will be deposited onto the Solavei PayCard for immediate availability. (See terms and conditions.)
  • Members will have the ability to purchase goods and services with their cards or withdraw funds from the card at an ATM at no charge as long as you use the Allpoint Network.
  • The Money Network will not charge any fees for purchases completed without a Personal Identification Number (PIN). When making a purchase, choose 'CREDIT' instead of 'DEBIT' at the payment terminal or gas pump to avoid using your PIN. The transaction will be processed normally.
  • Purchases using your (PIN) will incur a $0.25 charge per transaction.
  • Funds are FDIC insured, and there is no liability for unauthorized purchases. See the Solavei PayCard Terms and Conditions for more details.

Solavei PayCard Member Support

  • For all inquiries regarding your Pay Card, visit the Money Network website or reach out directly to the Money Network Cardholder Support line by dialing 1-888-913-0900.

Lasting relationship with the Money Network

  • The Solavei PayCard is issued to you under the terms and conditions of the Money Network. Once established, the Solavei PayCard account is a direct relationship between the Solavei Member and the Money Network. Solavei does not have access to your funds and you may choose to continue your relationship regardless of your Membership status at Solavei.

Additional Features

  • Free-Money Network checks
  • Purchase and reload card with cash or checks at thousands of locations nationwide

Fees Overview

For an updated and complete list of Fees, refer to the Cardholder Terms and Conditions that came with your Solavei PayCard or visit: and log in to your account for details

Fee NameFee Amount
Direct Deposit of Pay$0.00
Money Network Checks / Use, Cash, Stop Pay or Reorder$0.00
Purchases / Signature-debit POS / Domestic$0.00
ATM Withdrawals / In-Network (Allpoint)$0.00
Negative Balance Fee$0.00
Balance Inquiry / Website or IVRU$0.00
Balance Updates / Text Message or E-mail$0.00
Customer Service Using Automated Phone System$0.00
Operator Assistance / Services Not Available via IVRU$0.00
Foreign Transactions / Conversion Fee2%
Purchases / PIN-debit POS / Domestic and Int'l$0.25
Operator Assistance / Services Available via IVRU$1.00
Secondary Card / Move Funds to a Secondary Card$1.00
ATM Withdrawals / Domestic$2.00
ATM Balance Inquiry and Decline / Domestic$2.00
Transfer Funds to a Personal Bank Account (ACH Transfer)$2.00
Secondary Card / Request Additional Card$2.00
ATM Withdrawals / International$2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry and Decline / International$2.50
Periodic Monthly Paper Statement$2.95
Monthly Maintenance Fee (Inactivity-based)$3.00 (6-month grace)
Retail Load at Participating LocationsVaries
Branch / Bank Teller Over the Counter Withdrawal$5.00
Foreign Transactions / Conversion Fee$5.00
International Money Transfer via Orlandi Valuta$8.95
Lost or Stolen Replacement Card$10.00
Lost or Stolen Replacement Card / Expedited Delivery$13.00

Tips to avoid paying fees:
  • 1. Use the readily available Allpoint network for cash withdrawals and banking needs. See for locations.
  • 2. Avoid using your PIN when making purchases; instead complete the transaction as credit.
  • 3. Use direct deposit or electronic transfers when making deposits.
  • 4. Use MoneyNetwork Checks at Walmart locations that have check cashing services. (Walmart does not charge any fees for cashing MoneyNetwork Checks).