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Latest News


Social commerce company offers contract-free cellular service

Solavei, a social commerce network, is on the mission of making everyday commerce less expensive for people, including lowering monthly cellular bills. For an incredibly low $49 per month users get unlimited calls, texting and data services, which I know beats my Verizon bill by more than half. Read More


Solavei launches Marketplace loyalty program

Solavei launched its Marketplace program giving its users access to offers and discounts from 16,000 large and small retailers nationwide, including a majority of the top 30 largest U.S. retailers. Solavei's new Marketplace service represents an expansion of the company's commission-based business structure into the retail realm. The MVNO, which launched a year ago, encourages its users to sign up additional customers to the service by giving its customers $20 per month for every three new customers they sign up to the Solavei wireless service. Those payments are made through a Solavei-branded Visa debit card. Read More


Trusting peers and peer networks more

Solavei is using a social networking approach, an industry first. They are capitalizing on the shift in trust from figures of authority (e.g., large brands) to peers and peer networks. In just nine months since launch, Solavei has more than 100,000 active monthly mobile service members and paid over $11 million to its members for sharing with their friends. Read More


Testing Solavei

I've been using a Solavei device and SIM for several weeks now and it's been a mostly trouble-free experience. Network performance and coverage matches what we've seen on T-Mobile here in San Francisco, with excellent HSPA+ data speeds…I'd recommend Solavei. Read More


Solavei’s no-contract wireless plan can save (or pay) you cash.

Some readers are more than ready for a new phone, but some are happy with the phones they have. They’re wondering if they can save money by bringing the phones they already own to another carrier for a pay-as-you-go plan. The answer is yes, you can save significant money bringing your own phone and shopping for service. Solavei offers unlimited talk, text and data for just $49 per month. That’s cheap enough to get my attention. … Bottom Line: Good coverage, inexpensive, good amount of high-speed data included, potential to earn cash from referrals. As an inexpensive, unlimited pay-as-you-go service, Solavei is a solid choice. Read More


Solavei to launch Marketplace loyalty payment program in September

Solavei to launch a loyalty card program to allow customers additional savings and represents the next major phase of growth for Solavei … In just 8 months since launch, 180,000 members have joined with more than $10 million paid in membership commissions. Solavei is on track to generate $100 million in revenue by the end of 2013. Read More


Solavei offers unlimited, no-contract phone service for $49 per month

I think the big appeal will be to post-contract users like me who want the same (or at least comparable) service for less money. In fact, there's the potential to make it much less: Solavei offers a reward program that can lower or eliminate your entire bill, or even put extra cash in your pocket. Read More


MVNO Solavei, With Its Pay-the-Customer Model, Is Growing

As T-Mobile, with its recent acquisition MetroPCS, moves ahead with its plans to aggressively pursue prepaid subscribers and what it calls the "value market," it has a growing competitor in Solavei, a somewhat new and definitely unusual prepaid carrier that operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on T-Mobile's 4G network. Read More


Solavei: Redefining Commerce for the Social Age

I am not looking to turn a few people into millionaires. I want to empower millions of people to become thousandaires… And I believe that the way to do so is by making commerce less expensive and even profitable for everyone involved. Read More


The Key Factors Leading to the Success of MVNOs

With the high volume of low-cost phones now available to the public, there is an increase in the number of consumers who are able to purchase and sustain a monthly mobile phone bill. Now, they are looking for options as traditional carriers continue to change their data offerings and add hidden fees to their wireless bills. Read More


Six Tips to Make College Life More Affordable

Traditional mobile phone plans typically lock you into a contract for two years and charge exorbitant monthly rates, often with surprise overage charges. To decrease monthly phone expenses, consider a prepaid, contract-free plan such as Solavei. Read More


T-Mobile USA Announces Major 4G Coverage Expansion in 14 Markets, Solavei MVNO Targets iPhone Users

Alongside T-Mobile's announcement, mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Solavei, which operates using T-Mobile USA's network, has officially launched a major push to attract iPhone customers. Read More


Sharing mobile wireless networks

Solavei pays a user $20 a month for every three people the user enrolls in the company’s $49-a-month unlimited voice, text and data plan. Read More


Mobile Telephone Startup Solavei Avoids Ads, Relies on Customers for Sales Leads

The rewards can be great. Solavei users who tell friends about the company through word of mouth or social media have the opportunity to get cellular service for free—and to earn additional money.s.” Read More


Solavei starts carrying nano-SIMs for iPhone 5 nomads

If you’re after an all-you-can eat mobile deal, and have a large group of friends, this could be a nice little earner… those who want to use an unlocked iPhone 5 in the US beyond AT&T have had relatively few places to go for an exodus. It's time to add a third to the short list: Solavei is now carrying nano-SIMs for its T-Mobile-based virtual network. Read More


Start-Up Solavei Takes Cellphone Marketing to a Whole New Level

Solavei offers more flexibility in smartphone selection [than other prepaid carriers]. You can…bring your own unlocked GSM smartphone to use with the service, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III. Read More


The best smartphones for prepaid plans

Prepaid plans provide the same access to carriers' voice and data networks, but without the contract (or steep penalties if you leave before your two years are up)… Now you can also get the iPhone 5 from Solavei, which is a relative newcomer that uses T-Mobile's 4G network. Read More

Business Wire

Solavei Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Launch of Solavei Marketplace Shopping Offering

The Solavei social commerce network enables individuals to easily sign up, save money on primary goods and services and earn money when referring their friends and family through the Solavei platform. Solavei customers receive direct economic benefit for introducing Solavei to their friends with money earned directly deposited onto their Solavei Card. Read More

Solavei provides $49/mo Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data 4G Nationwide contract-free wireless service.

Unlimited Voice, Text and Data

Unlimited Voice includes unlimited incoming calls and unlimited outgoing calls to any domestic U.S phone number when inside the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands).
Unlimited Text includes unlimited incoming text messages and unlimited outgoing texts to any domestic or international mobile number when inside the U.S. Unlimited texting also includes picture and video messages anywhere in the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands).
Unlimited Data within the U.S., keeps you free from overages while sharing Solavei in the community, on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else. No additional charges regardless of the amount of data used. Data speeds will reduce when the amount of data used exceeds 4GBs or when roaming domestically off of the Solavei network. Speeds reduce to a 2G data experience in these situations (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).

Included Services
  • 3-Way Conference Calling supports conference calling with 2 additional lines for a 3-way discussion.
  • 411 is a free service that provides address and phone number look up.
  • Call Forwarding allows members to forward all calls to voicemail.
  • Caller ID displays the phone number calling. When the phone number is pre-programmed into the phone’s contact list the phone will display the pre-programmed name.
  • Call Waiting alerts you when on an active phone call that another incoming call is coming in. Call waiting provides the ability to place the current call on hold and answer the new incoming call.
  • Voicemail provides standard voicemail services with the ability for callers to leave a voicemail and for members to retrieve voicemails.

Add-On Services
  • International Long Distance will be available as a ‘Pay As You Go’ add on service in $10 increments.
  • The plan enables calling to landline and mobile numbers in over 200 countries at competitive rates with other International Long Distance card providers and much cheaper rates overall than with mobile carriers in the U.S.
  • A list of countries and pay as you go per minute rates will be available shortly.

Future Services - Coming Post Nationwide
The following services will be available post our Nationwide Launch:
  • WiFi Calling
  • Visual Voicemail
  • International Roaming
While these services are not immediately available from Solavei directly, options are available in the market to still meet your needs. The Android Market offers thousands of additional services for free that can be leveraged to meet your needs.

For example:

  • WiFi Calling: Free Google+ app supports unlimited WiFi calling over a data connection
  • Visual Voicemail: Free Visual Voicemail Plus and Free YouMail Visual Voicemail provide a visual voicemail option
  • International Roaming: With your Solavei unlocked GSM phone you can take your phone internationally and insert an international prepaid SIM card local to the country you are visiting. Pay only for what you need and never worry about surprise roaming costs!

Unlimited International Calling Plans through Solavei