Here at we’re all excited about Solavei™ and have made it our goal to provide a venue by which others can directly and indirectly learn about Solavei™ products, services, promotions, opportunities and enrollment.

As an independent reseller of products (marketing materials, etc.) and services (web design, hosting, etc.) we’re also proud that many Solavei™ Members who like our services and have allowed us to sponsor them. We are also excited that many sponsored Solavei™ Members have allowed us to assist them in expanding their Solavei™ network and earn income via the Solavei™ Compensation Plan (the “Plan”) which provides financial benefits to Social Members who decide to take advantage of it. Keep in mind, that even though every member of the Team are Independent Solavei™ Social Members (not Solavei employees or agents) we are just as invested in your success as anyone else, because when you're successful we're successful. Solavei™, the Solavei™ logo, and the term "Powered By Relationships" are trademarks of Solavei™, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. and its founding Solavei™ Members want to make sure that current and potential Solavei™ Social Members have a clear understanding of the opportunities available to them under the Plan. It should be known that any statistics, specific data, payment, member and personal account information is provided by Solavei™. The Team exerts their best efforts to maintain the up to date and factual integrity of all information published on Any information regarding Solavei™, their products, services and statements are shared and published on to compliment and further one’s personal Solavei™ research efforts and we greatly appreciate it when potential New Solavei™ Members ultimately allow us to Sponsor their Enrollment.

We would also like to make it clear that there is no guarantee that any Solavei™ Social Member will earn any particular amount of income or compensation under the Plan. Any income, financial benefits and compensation earned is completely dependent on a Solavei™ Social Member’s skills, commitment and desire to succeed.

Current and potential Solavei™ Social Members should understand the following principles about the Solavei™ Compensation Plan:

•The examples we use to describe or explain the Plan, whether on any website (i.e. the and websites), in videos or oral presentations, or anywhere else, are only for illustration. They are not representative of income, if any, that a Solavei™ Social Member may earn.

•, and Solavei™ make no guarantee or projection of any Social Member’s potential earnings.

•Any discussion by a Solavei™ Social Member about the Plan, his or her own compensation, or the amount a potential Solavei™ Social Member can earn under the Plan, is misleading and should be disregarded, unless it is accompanied by a written or electronic copy of this disclaimer.

•Success as a Solavei™ Social member depends entirely on the hard work, diligence, leadership, business sense, timing, good fortune and other attributes and circumstances of each particular Solavei™ Social Member.,, its founding members and Solavei™ are not responsible for any outcome due to your business practices resulting in success or failure relating to any of the information found on,, and its affiliates, products, services and advice.

The Team encourages current and potential Solavei™ Social Members who may be interested in, and Solavei™ products and services to make educated and informed decisions taking all possibilities (good and bad) into account before embarking on any business venture.